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--" BEST CATERING 2014"--
Award for Los Angeles!!

We won the Crown in Town in 2010 from the Chamber of Commerce.
Thank again for making us one of the BEST!!

About thyme

We are driven by imagination, innovation, integrity, and a desire to give you an event that is, truly, memorable. One that surpasses all expectations.

We bring it in to life with more than just great food, it about catering to your desires.

It's about excellence


Another spectacular weekend at the Natural History Museum! Guests always have a memorable time strolling through her timeless galleries, and dancing among the dinosaurs with a cocktail in one hand, and an appetizer in the other. How could you not!? 

Our catering team serviced two open bars and tray passed appetizers for the 300 guests. A few of the highlights were a succulent Tiger Prawn paired with a homemade smoky Chipotle Maple Syrup, grilled beef tenderloin dipped in a red wine reduction sauce, Chicken Satay marinated in our spicy Cilantro Thai Sauce, and a colorful, tangy beet salad.


The museum has expanded and grown so much over the years. I know our entire staff looks forward to seeing the next phase of the museum’s expansion and serving the ongoing celebrations that will take place in the meantime. As always, a special “THANKS!!!” to everyone at the NHM for pulling off another successful event!



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