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Petite Lamb Lollipops
in a raspberry chipotle reduction
with hints of chocolate
Seared Sea Scallops
in a coconut curry reduction
served on a lemon grass skewer
Roasted red peppers stuffed
with goat cheese,
sun-dried tomatoes, and pine nuts
Vegetable Latke
with Feta topped with creme fraiche
and a sweet red onion jam
Halibut Skewers drizzled
with a lavender honey
Filet Mignon skewers
in a Cabernet black currant glaze
Blueberries and brie
served warm in Pastry cups
Macadamia nut encrusted
Mahi Mahi nuggets
with a macadamia nut burr blanc splash
Pulled Pork sliders
Mini Waldorf salad bites
Cherry tomatoes stuffed
with smoked bacon and a garlic aioli
Vegetable tempura
with a Thai dipping sauce
Wild Mushroom dumplings
served with a Thai dipping sauce
Corn Fritters
served with a truffle honey
dipping sauce
Seared figs stuffed
with Gorgonzola
and wrapped in prosciuto
Ahi Tuna Tartare with a wasabi
aioli on a crispy won ton
Jamaican jerk chicken skewers
Duck Quesadilla with a sharp cheddar
and topped with a mango jicama salsa
Stuffed mushrooms with our house Pesto
Tiger Prawns in our house Mole
Red grapes
rolled in Goat cheese
and pistachios
Cashew chicken served on Endive
Sweet crab cakes
in a panko crust topped
with a corn and red pepper coulis
Artichoke Parmesan puffs
Fried Camembert
in a panko crust
drizzled with truffle honey
Tiger Prawns
in a Maple chipoltle reduction
Dill Blinis topped
with creme fraiche,
caviar, and a citrus zest
Brioche Crostinis
with squash and roasted Pear
Wheat Crostinis
with wild mushrooms and goat cheese
Stuffed mushrooms
with Maytag blue cheese
Halibut skewers
in a saffron shallot cream
Roasted Pablano soup with goat cheese
(served in About Thyme cups)
Pumpkin Soup
with hints of banana, coconut,
and curry (served in About Thyme cups)
Mini Brie En Croute with spiced walnuts
Mushroom Porfiteroles
with sweet cream
Mini Black Bean Empanadas
in a corn puff pastry
Samosas with potatoes and peas
Asparagus Mini Quiche
with Gruyere cheese
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